Dr. med. Razvan Andrei Popescu

Specialist in
General Internal Medicine
Medical Oncology
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian

Professional career

Head of Medical Oncology and Co-Chair Tumor Center, Hirslanden Clinic Aarau, Switzerland
Specialist and Consultant in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine, Lausanne, Switzerland
2000 - 2002
Assistant Medical Director, Medical Oncology, University Hospital Lausanne, Switzerland (Prof. Lejeune)
1998 - 2000
Clinical Scientist and Specialist Registrar in Medical Oncology (Dr. T. Perren, Dr. R. Banks, Prof. P. Selby), Academic Unit Clinical Trials Coordinator (Prof. P. Selby), ICRF Cancer Medicine Research Unit, St. James's University Hospital, Leeds
Trainee in Haematology, University Hospital Basle, Switzerland (Prof. A. Gratwohl)
1996 - 1997
Registrar in Medical Oncology, Departement of Medicine, The Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, UK (Dr. D. Cunningham)
1992 - 1996
Trainee in Internal Medicine, Departement of Internal Medicine, University Hospital Basle, Switzerland (including subspecialty rotations of 6 months each in Medical Oncology, Haematology, Intensive Care and Medical Emergency Department)
1990 - 1992
Postgraduate Fellow in Molecular Biology awarded by the Department of Physiology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada (Prof. H.G. Friesen)

Schools, university & degrees and diplomas

Specialist in Medical Oncology (UK, European Union)
European Society of Medical Oncology Certification Examination
Specialist in Medical Oncology / Haematology (Switzerland)
Specialist in Internal Medicine (Switzerland)
Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (London UK)
Medical Doctorate, Faculty of Medicine, University of Basle
FMGEMS (US medical examination)
1982 - Feb 1989
Final Swiss medical examination

Further information

Dr. Razvan Andrei Popescu has trained in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Hematology, obtaining specializations in Switzerland and the UK, following his graduation in 1989, a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Basel in 1990 and a post-graduate Molecular Oncology fellowship in Canada (1990-1992). He became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) of London following the MRCP examination in 1996. Dr. Popescu founded and is Head of Medical Oncology and Co-Chair of the Cancer Centre at the Hirslanden Clinic in Aarau, Switzerland. He is particularly interested in gastro-intestinal, breast, gynaecologic and uro-genital cancers, supportive and palliative care and treatment of elderly cancer patients. He received formal training in palliative care (lectures and palliative care clinics) as part of his UK Oncology training. He is Co-President of palliative-aargau (www.palliative-aargau.ch), the Palliative Care Society of Kanton Aargau, Switzerland. He actively promotes early integration of Oncology and Palliative Care and the Tumor Zentrum Aarau was recognized as the second European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Designated Center of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care in German-speaking Switzerland in 2013. He has contributed to the design of clinical trials in Hodgkin's disease, breast, colorectal, esophageal, bladder cancer and melanoma, and participated in the first ASCO-AACR-FECS Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research in Flims. He was a co-founder of the Flims Alumni Club (FAC), the interdisciplinary European association of young oncologists and researchers, focused among other goals on clinical trial methodology. Dr. Popescu served as the Flims Alumni Club's first Treasurer and was its President 2003-2006. Dr. Popescu has contributed to various ESMO activities as a Faculty Member (among others for Geriatric Oncology, Supportive and Palliative Care, Oncopolicy etc.) and has served as Deputy Director or Scientific Coordinator for the European School of Oncology (ESO) Masteclass in Clinical Oncology since 2004.
He has helped co-organizing symposia within ESMO, ESTRO, EACR and ECCO congresses. His Romanian origin has allowed / enabled him to establish close links to and friendships with colleagues in Central and Eastern Europe, and he has participated in a range of educational activities and congresses in this part of Europe. From 2010 to 2013 he was the Coordinator of the ESO Eastern European and Balkan Program and initiated and chaired the Eastern European and Balkan Master class in Clinical Oncology from 2011 to 2013. He has served ESMO in various roles, e.g. as a member of the Young Oncologists Committee 2003-2007, Member of the Fellowship and Awards Committee 2006-2010, Chair of ESMO Membership Committee and Member of ESMO Board of Directors 2008-2010. Since 2010 he chairs the ESMO National Representatives and Membership Committee and is a Member of the ESMO Executive Committee. He was lead author of th

Memberships and partnerships

European Society of Medical Oncologists (ESMO)

Member of Young Oncologists Committee 2003-2007,

Member of Fellowship and Awards Committee 2006-2010,

Chair ESMO Membership Committee and

Member of ESMO Board of Directors 2008-2010,

Chair ESMO National Representatives and Membership Committee 2010 – 2014,

Member ESMO Executive Committee 2010 – 2014

European Association of Cancer Research (EACR)

Flims Alumni Club (FAC)

Treasurer 2002-2004

President 2004-2007

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Swiss Society for Medical Oncology (SGMO)

Swiss Society for Palliative Care



Swiss Association of Internal Medicine

Swiss Medical Association

Association of Cancer Physicians UK

Royal College of Physicians of London

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Events & lectures

Secondary activities

2017 - to date
ASCO Educational Committee
2016 - to date
ASCO International Affairs Committee