With the establishment of the Chirurgischen Zentrums Zürich (Centre for Surgery Zurich), Klinik Hirslanden and Klinik Im Park's surgeons are taking an active part in the current debate about medical quality assurance, minimum number of cases and the requirement for highly specialised medicine to be concentrated at a few hospitals and medical centres.

The renowned group of surgeons, with many years of experience and a proven international academic track record, have built up an excellent reputation. Through the Centre of Excellence at Klinik Hirslanden and Klinik Im Park in Zurich, they are setting new standards in cross-clinic performance of complex visceral, thoracic and tumour surgery.

The centre, together with Klinik Hirslanden, fulfils all requirements set by both highly specialised medicine and the cantonal hospital lists. A centre for highly specialised soft tissue surgery, unique in Switzerland, will be established in close cooperation with Klinik Hirslanden and Klinik Im Park’s existing competence centres.

Patients from all insurance classes in need of complex intervention in the chest and abdominal cavity will profit with immediate effect from the outstanding, highly experienced and multidisciplinary surgical team at both locations.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Centre for Surgery Zurich
Location Klinik Hirslanden
Witellikerstrasse 40 8032 Zurich