With 126 beds, the Klinik Im Park keeps its medical infrastructure up to date at all times, thus ensuring optimum treatment for its patients. With the opening of a hybrid operating room in November 2014, Klinik Im Park now ranks among the leading hospitals in Switzerland which enjoy cutting-edge medical OR facilities.

Surgical Area

Klinik Im Park has eight operating rooms, including a hybrid OR and a theatre for caesarean births, as well as two ORs in the outpatient clinic. Our superbly outfitted surgical areas enable efficient and safe operations for our patients. Klinik Im Park performs around 7,600 operations every year.

Hybrid OR

Klinik Im Park has had a hybrid operating room since November 2014. A hybrid OR has the technical and hygienic equipment of an OR and is outfitted with highly accurate radiological imaging devices. The imaging capabilities in a hybrid OR far exceed those of the equipment in conventional ORs with mobile C-arms. The hybrid technology enables intra-operative high definition imaging, thus laying the foundations for minimally invasive surgical procedures which require extremely precise imaging of anatomical structures. Higher patient safety can be guaranteed during demanding surgical procedures because of the additional options in the hybrid OR. Time-consuming postponements and relocations of patients, possibly even under anaesthetic, are done away with, which significantly improves safety and hygiene.

Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory

Klinik Im Park opened a third cardiac catheterisation laboratory in 2008 and upgraded the second cardiac catheterisation laboratory with a biplanar cardiac catheterisation system two years previously. All three cardiac catheterisation laboratories enable high-precision, gentle cardiac and vascular treatments with reduced exposure to radiation and shorter surgical procedures for patients. Our specialists carry out invasive cardiological assessments and interventions on a daily basis. These include more than 1,300 vascular imagings (angiographs) and more than 500 interventions annually.

Intensive Care Unit

Depending on the type and difficulty of the surgery, the patient is monitored in the intensive care unit after the operation. In 2010, Klinik Im Park refurbished and then reopened its intensive care unit. The intensive care unit at Klinik Im Park has eight beds and is outfitted with special equipment for the safe monitoring and treatment of patients. Critically ill patients can be properly cared for as a result.

Maternity Unit

500 babies are born in the maternity unit of Klinik Im Park annually. The maternity unit, which was completely refurbished in 2012, guarantees optimum care and safety for mother and child. The oak wood features and lighting concept with large LED light screens provide a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The maternity unit has two birthing rooms with a birthing island, a birthing chair and a pool for water births. A theatre for caesarean sections is integrated directly into the maternity unit. This means that the maternity unit guarantees the highest safety for mother and child as the medical staff can react quickly in the event of an emergency. There are also two preparation rooms and an outpatient clinic available in the maternity unit.

Radiology and Neuroradiology Zurich

Radiology and Neuroradiology, which is located at the Klinik Im Park and the Schanze locations, has a comprehensive infrastructure for imaging and interventional procedures with digital diagnostic equipment. This includes two multi-row computed tomography (CT) scanners, three magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, an angiography unit, and two mammography and ultrasound devices. In the last four years, both locations have been completely modernised. State-of-the-art equipment offering the highest patient comfort at the lowest dose and with the fastest examination times is used at both locations.


Klinik Im Park has a dialysis unit with twelve treatment stations which is open to outpatient dialysis patients of all insurance categories. Inpatients at the hospital or visitors to the Zurich region are also accepted here. Klinik Im Park treats acute and chronic renal failure with dialysis equipment that guarantees the highest levels of safety for our patients. All the dialysis stations are equipped with a television, radio and telephone.

Emergency Unit

The newly built emergency unit at Klinik Im Park was opened in May 2016. It stands out because of its modern infrastructure and offers patients cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic medical services. The emergency department, consisting of an emergency and outpatient clinic, has six emergency beds and five outpatient beds. The infrastructure also includes a room for minor procedures as well as an endoscopy room. All beds have monitors connected to a central monitoring unit which, if necessary, can monitor patients on an ongoing basis. The new emergency department can be accessed directly from the road, which means it is easy for patients and ambulances to reach.