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If you have semi-private health insurance, you can look forward to enjoying Hirslanden Préférence and a range of additional services during your inpatient stay at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park. The services are tailored to accommodate patients’ individual requests and needs. For semi-privately insured patients, the motto for medical and nursing care is “We’re here for you, personally.” A detailed overview of our services can be found in the table below.

Medical services

Semi-private Insurance


  • Fast access to desired medical services.
  • Depending on medical urgency and capacity, patients’ requests will be accommodated when scheduling surgery dates and assigning beds. 

Choice of doctor

  • Free choice of doctors from our network of doctors for inpatient stays.

Medical care

  • Surgery performed by attending medical specialist.
  • Visits and care by attending medical specialist. Visits by on-site nurse based on current capacity.

Nursing services

  • Individual nursing and care.
  • Care normally provided by registered nurses.

Daily routine

  • Consideration of appointment requests for examinations and therapy.
  • Daily schedule fixed, taking patient’s requests into consideration when possible.

Visiting hours

  • From 9 am to 9 pm and by arrangement with the nursing staff.


  • Therapy based on medical needs.


  • Discharge consultation with attending specialist personally.
  • Discharge before 10 am.


  • Organisation based on doctor’s instructions, taking the individual patient requests (e.g. selection of rehab clinic) when possible
  • Handling of cost coverage arrangements with health insurer

Non-medical services

Semi-private insurance

Hotel-style services

  • Twin room
  • One daily newspaper each day
  • One family member may stay overnight in the patient’s room for a fee, if the patient is in a single room and there is sufficient space
  • Laundry service; pick-up and delivery subject to charge


  • Free beverages (Coffee, tea and soda water)
  • Standard menu for main meals, reduced prices for dishes from the à la carte menu

Guest Relations

  • Upon request we will organise appointments for the hairdressing salon, manicures, pedicures, nutritional advice and massages at the hospital
  • Benefits of the Hirslanden Préférence patient program

Hirslanden Baby - Room

  • Single room (fee required overnight accommodation including breakfast for the father and one sibling)
  • Family room
  • Limited visiting hours

Hirslanden Baby - Gifts

  • Hirslanden baby bag
  • Professional baby photography
  • Six-month subscription to the "WirEltern" baby magazine