Before admission

Do you have a car park at the clinic? 
There are only a few parking spaces available at the clinic. There is a blue parking zone around the building which can be used. 

Is there a car pool from the clinic?
The clinic does not run a car pool.

May I leave my artificial nails on for my admission? 
Artificial nails do not pose a problem nowadays. However, one nail should be free.


Before the surgery

Can I chew gum before the operation?
You should refrain from chewing gum six hours before surgery. This increases the production of gastric juice, which is not desired.

Can I smoke before the operation?
No, if possible, please refrain from smoking six to eight hours before an operation. If you cannot give up smoking for that long, please discuss this with your anesthesiologist during the premedication consultation.

Which medication am I allowed to take?

Please discuss any intake of medication with the attending doctor prior to the surgery. 

Which preventative investigations do I need to undergo?
You can use this form detailing the specifications of the anaesthetist to give to your general practitioner. 



 What happens if there are complications during outpatient surgery – will I have to pay the additional costs?
If there are medical reasons preventing discharge, the costs are not paid by the patient.


After the surgery

When can someone pick me up again (out-patient patients)?
The duration of stay depends on the intervention. Generally a patient can be picked up after two hours.