Obstetrics deals with everything to do with pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. In the area of obstetrics, the Woman-Mother-Child Department at the Klinik Im Park offers holistic, personalised and family-oriented care before, during and after the birth. In addition to the first-class medical infrastructure, Klinik Im Park guarantees a family-oriented atmosphere.

Freedom of choice for the mother-to-be is key in the Woman-Mother-Child Department. The two modern birthing rooms have a pool for water births, a birthing island and a birthing chair. The integrated theatre for caesarean births enables elective and emergency caesareans to be performed in the comfortable environment of the Woman-Mother-Child Department. During the birth, both alternative and conventional pain medications such as epidural anaesthesia or 'ultiva' (which can be administered by the mother-to-be herself) are available. During the time after the birth, nurses, doctors and midwives are available for mother and baby 24/7. The mother enjoys comprehensive, individually tailored care. A paediatrician is on call 24/7 for the safety of the baby.

The Woman-Mother-Child Department offers a wide range of courses, regular information evenings for parents-to-be and alternative medical treatments. Further information at www.hirslanden.ch/impark/courses


Gynaecology deals with the female sexual organs, and includes precautionary screenings such as cervical smear tests or breast examinations, as well as advice on contraception, incontinence, fertility treatment and problems in the menopause. The gynaecologist examines diseases of the female sexual organs in depth, and determines the appropriate treatment measures such as medication and/or operative procedures.

The specialist centres at the Klinik Im Park enable rapid clarification, careful diagnosis and comprehensive advice using the most up-to-date treatment techniques. The specialists at the centres make every effort to offer reliable and personalised consultations. If necessary, they work with specialist doctors from oncology and radiology.

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