Hirslanden Klinik Im Park offers a broad range of courses and treatments for mothers- and fathers-to-be in order to provide them with information about pregnancy, birth, the postnatal ward and breastfeeding. We try to reduce uncertainties and fears. Please be aware there is a limited number of participants and at the moment we can only admit mothers and their birthing partners who are registered for birth with us.

Please note that most of the courses and treatments we offer are held in german and can therefore be found on the german version of the websiteFor further information about the courses and events, please contact the secretariat of the Woman-Mother-Child Department on + 41 44 209 22 42. 


We offer the following courses exclusively for individuals/couples who are registered in the Klinik Im Park for the birth:

- Intensive birth preparation course for couples
- Acupuncture treatment
- K-Taping therapy
- Foot reflexology massage
- Ayurveda massage