Anaesthesia means 'insensitivity' (to painful stimuli) and is the umbrella term for all types of anaesthetic which make it possible for operations to be performed painlessly. Before surgery, the anaesthetist discusses all the important information with the patient. He or she selects the appropriate medications and administers them to the patient. During the operation, the anaesthetist monitors the patient's cardiac and pulmonary activity and circulation. After surgery, he or she continues to observe the condition of the patient. Skilled anaesthetists are at the service of our patients at Klinik Im Park.

Our intensive care experts at Klinik Im Park possess all the important skills required to resuscitate a patient and restore normal organ function. They have in-depth knowledge of the drugs and equipment required to do this, such as ventilators or defibrillators, which treat malfunctions in the muscles of the heart with electric current.

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