Oncology is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and after-care of benign and malignant tumours and blood diseases. The treatment method for a tumour depends on the results of the examination. Depending on the case, drug treatments involving chemotherapy and/or operative removal of the tumour may be necessary. Radiotherapy may also be given, if necessary. In the case of blood diseases, the blood will be tested in the laboratory and the appropriate treatment started.

The affiliated centres and practices of Klinik Im Park offer a wide range of oncological and haematological treatments. The interdisciplinary networking of the centre's doctors is key to ensuring the success of the treatment of cancerous diseases. The most effective treatment strategy is developed and planned for each individual patient by oncology boards consisting of specialists in oncology, surgery, radiology and nuclear medicine, and, depending on the affected organ, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, gynaecologists and urologists.

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