It is the privilege of pastoral care to have time in the hospital setting to address the issues and concerns of patients.

Illnesses and hospital stays are often a time of pause and reflection. Many things lose their significance and new things suddenly become important.

As chaplains, we are there for you and your relatives. We are there for you and your relatives. We accompany you in your questions and try to respond to your needs for spiritual or religious support. It goes without saying that we respect your personal convictions and values and adhere to the duty of confidentiality. As a Protestant Reformed pastor and a Roman Catholic pastor, we are employed by our respective churches. If there is a desire for a pastoral visit from another religion or community, we are happy to mediate.


Our offer at a glance

Visits to patients

We accompany people from an open, Christian basic attitude across denominations and religions and respect their religious convictions. We regularly visit patients of different denominations and religions, as well as people who do not belong to any religious community. We do not have a missionary mandate and do not impose our conversation on anyone.

Church services

On Sick Sunday, Easter, Day of Prayer and Christmas, we celebrate services at Klinik Im Park and, depending on the denomination, support people with religious expressions such as prayer, liturgical signs and sacraments.

Accompanying the relatives

We are also the contact persons for the patients' relatives and accompany them where this makes sense and is desired.

Blessing ceremony for newborns

For the blessing of your newborn we offer a small celebration. The new addition to the family is blessed with gratitude and a look to the future. The celebration can take place according to individual wishes in the room or in a common room of the clinic.

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Ivan Machuzhak
Ivan Machuzhak
Attendance times:
Monday and Wednesday

Reformed hospital pastor

Portrait von Monika Frieden
Monika Frieden
Attendance times:
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday half-day each