Historically, the Clinique des Grangettes has always been a centre for women. The obstetrics and gynaecology services offer support for pregnancies and treat gynaecological pathologies, including those affecting the breast.

Unit for gynaecological care and emergencies

The gynaecology unit at the Clinique des Grangettes provides routine controls and care for pregnancies. It also benefits from the proximity of the centre for medically-assisted reproduction at the Clinique.

The gynaecologists at the unit collaborate with the emergency services and can react at all times in the event of extra-uterine pregnancies, haemorrhaging cysts, or infections.

The gynaecological surgery has witnessed many technological advances and is now able to perform many minimally-invasive procedures  The installation of the Da Vinci robot improved precision for hysterectomies, myomectomies, endometriosis and treatment of prolapsing organs. Surgeons can also treat uterine and ovarian cancers.