Gynaecological surgery treats all benign or malignant pathologies of woman requiring surgical treatment.

Until the 1980s these different surgeries were performed by laparotomy (open belly) or vaginally. Then developed minimally invasive surgical techniques, allowing closed-belly surgery, with minimal incisions: laparoscopy. In recent years robotic surgery has emerged, allowing robot-assisted laparoscopy.

Some pathologies of the uterus can also be operated by hysteroscopy, which consists of the vaginal introduction of a camera into the uterus.

Depending on your pathology, your age, your desire for pregnancy and your possible medical risk factors, your surgeon may suggest the most suitable surgery for your case, focusing on the least invasive surgery possible. Indeed the latter allows a shorter hospitalization, a recovery so a faster resumption of activity, minimal incisions, reduced postoperative pain. Patients can mobilize a few
hours after the procedure and resume feeding the same day.

Gynaecological diseases correspond to damage to the female genital tract, so they can affect the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva and be benign or malignant.

Apart from the clinical examination performed by your gynecologist, the diagnosis can be confirmed by an endovaginal and / or abdominal pelvic ultrasound supplemented if necessary by a pelvic MRI, a CT scan or a diagnostic hysteroscopy. For pathologies concerning the pelvic floor, a pro-dynamic assessment will be carried out if necessary.

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