With almost 200 in vitro fertilisations (IVF) per year, the medically assisted reproduction centre, BabyImpulse, at the Clinique des Grangettes, is one of the largest and most welcoming in Switzerland.

In vitro fertilisation: a long road

Infertility is never easy to deal with, especially when a strong desire for a child is present. More and more couples are therefore resorting to in vitro fertilisation. The Medically Assisted Reproduction Centre (MAP) at the Clinique des Grangettes provides them with a multidisciplinary team (specialised gynaecologists but also biologists, andrologists and psychologists). Also a research centre on infertility, its aim is to make the long road to in vitro fertilisation as simple as possible for couples who make this choice.

Adapting to couples and their needs

The advantage of the Grangettes MAP centre is that it offers personalised care to couples by a specialist doctor. Indeed, each gynaecologist who collaborates with the centre has his or her own consulting room in town. Our reproductive specialists have knowledge in gynaecology but also in psychology and endocrinology to simplify the procedure and avoid the multiplication of participants. In vitro fertilisation raises many questions for couples who have recourse to it, and our doctors must answer them with tact and finesse, even in moments of doubt and emotion. More than 200 couples trust the Clinique des Grangettes every year to accompany them on their way to medically assisted procreation.