The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group practises systematic quality management and has been collecting a large amount of data on quality for more than ten years. The comprehensive quality report, published annually since 2010, highlights the Group's commitment to continuously improve the quality of medical services and patient safety, as well as its commitment to transparency in this area.

In order to meet our own high standards in the long term, Clinique des Grangettes cultivates a global and systematic quality management system.

We achieve our quality objectives through the following measures:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification of all processes and procedures
  • Quantification of different quality activities: Press Ganey, ANQ, QABE, Swiss Noso, satisfaction of patients, referring physicians and collaborators, etc.
  • Different internal message systems such as CIRS (Internal Critical Incident Reporting System) and Suggestions System
  • Professional claims management
  • A complete annual quality report according to the guidelines of the Association H+ Les Hôpitaux de Suisse