Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, the following visitor regulations will apply from 27 May 2021 for the Hirslanden Bern Clinics:

  • 1 visitor per day for a maximum of 1 hour per patient is permitted.
  • Patients decide in consultation with the responsible specialist which visitors they would like.
  • No more than 2 visitors per room are allowed in the patient's room at the same time. 
  • Children under 12 years of age are not allowed.
  • At the moment it is not allowed to have visitors from other children (nieces, nephews etc.). 
  • Children are only allowed in the patient's room (no playing in the corridor / play corner).
  • Visitors with symptoms of an infection (fever, cough, flu symptoms) please stay at home. They are not allowed to visit the hospital.

Exempt from this restriction are:

  • Partners of women giving birth, who are admitted without restriction within the framework of the applicable visiting hours.
  • Siblings, who are allowed to visit for a maximum of 1 hour per patient per day. The siblings of different women in childbed per room may not visit at the same time. Please consult with your room neighbour.

The following hygiene measures apply to all visitors:

  • Disinfect hands when entering and leaving the clinic.
  • Wear a hygiene mask. The hygiene masks will be handed out to you at the entrance (clinic entrance or reception). Cloth masks are not permitted. Please wear the hygiene masks from the clinic.
  • Visitors also wear the mask in the patient room, it must not be removed.