Do you have neck pain from sitting for a long time? Have you put too much strain on your back while gardening? Or did you sprain your ankle while jogging or hiking? Our movement experts will answer your questions about the musculoskeletal system.

The chat with a movement expert is a professional, quick and uncomplicated point of contact for minor complaints such as back pain, sprained ankles, pulled muscles or bruises, as well as for general inquiries about preventative measures. Our experienced physiotherapists will give you tips for self-treatment and recommendations for therapies. Our experts will answer your questions directly in the chat within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

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When the muscles hurt
Did you slip on the icy pavement or were you too cocky on the ski slope? Our movement experts can help you via Physio-Chat if you have a minor muscle injury.

Questions after the expiry of a physio prescription
Have you completed your physiotherapy treatment and questions or new complaints subsequently arise? We are happy to help you virtually, use our Physio Chat.

Sprained foot or slightly twisted knee?
It can happen quickly: Have you sprained your ankle while jogging or hiking on uneven terrain? Our movement experts will advise you via Physio-Chat on how you can actively promote healing quickly.