Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich and Klinik St. Anna now both feature a SwissIntervention Centre for Microtherapy. These two Hirslanden Group hospitals are now equipped with interventional radiological units that are capable of providing the full range of microtherapeutic procedures with exceptionally high-quality results.

What is microtherapy?

‘Interventional radiology’ is also known as ‘microtherapy’

These terms refer to a range of microinvasive surgical procedures. Instead of being able to directly see the organ undergoing treatment, the surgeon is instead guided by radiological technologies such as ultrasound, x-ray, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. Unlike many other medical specialties, interventional radiological microtherapy is not defined by the organ undergoing surgery, but rather the microinvasive technique itself.


Part of a wide variety of specialist disciplines

An extremely wide range of indications and diseases can be treated at the Centre for Microtherapy. These range from image-controlled biopsy and drainage on almost every part of the body to transluminal vascular therapy, to interventional oncology, through to enteral and parenteral access sites or pain treatment. This also means that the Centre for Microtherapy can actively contribute to a large network of different specialist disciplines due to the range of interdisciplinary interfaces.

Our CheckUp report about treating myomas


Until recently gynaecologists only had one option for reducing the symptoms caused by myomas – removing the woman’s entire womb including the myomas.


Now there’s an alternative available: uterine artery embolisation. This technique does not require a general anaesthesia and also enables the patient to retain her womb.


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