Hirslanden Préférence service benefits at a glance

Hirslanden Préférence offers patients with semi-private supplementary insurance an extra level of comfort and the option to make personal requests during their treatment. In addition to the comprehensive range of Hirslanden services, Hirslanden Préférence offers you some extra services as well. Here is a complete overview of the services.

This is a standard list. Single services may vary from clinic to clinic.

Medical services

Semi-private Insurance


  • Fast access to desired medical services.
  • Depending on medical urgency and capacity, patients’ requests will be accommodated when scheduling surgery dates and assigning beds. 

Choice of doctor

  • Free choice of doctors from our network of doctors for inpatient stays.

Medical care

  • Surgery performed by attending medical specialist.
  • Visits and care by attending medical specialist. Visits by on-site nurse based on current capacity.

Nursing services

  • Individual nursing and care.
  • Care normally provided by registered nurses.

Daily routine

  • Consideration of appointment requests for examinations and therapy.
  • Daily schedule fixed, taking patient’s requests into consideration when possible.

Visiting hours

  • From 9 am to 9 pm and by arrangement with the nursing staff.


  • Therapy based on medical needs.


  • Discharge consultation with attending specialist personally.
  • Discharge before 10 am.


  • Organisation based on doctor’s instructions, taking the individual patient requests (e.g. selection of rehab clinic) when possible
  • Handling of cost coverage arrangements with health insurer
Non-medical services

Semi-private insurance

Hotel-style services

  • Twin room
  • One daily newspaper each day
  • One family member may stay overnight in the patient’s room for a fee, if the patient is in a single room and there is sufficient space
  • Laundry service; pick-up and delivery subject to charge


  • Free beverages (Coffee, tea and soda water)
  • Standard menu for main meals, reduced prices for dishes from the à la carte menu

Hirslandenbaby - Room

  • Twin room (private room only available with an upgrade)
  • Parents room (overnight accommodation including breakfast for the father) only possible with an upgrade, availability not guaranteed
  • Family room (overnight accommodation including breakfast for the father and one sibling) only possible with an upgrade, availability not guaranteed
  • Limited visiting hours

Hirslandenbaby - Gifts

  • Hirslanden baby bag
  • Dinner for two (excluding alcoholic beverages)
  • Professional baby photography
  • Three-month trial subscription to the WirEltern baby magazine

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