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Hirslanden Préférence offers patients with semi-private supplementary insurance an extra level of comfort and the option to make personal requests during their treatment. In addition to the comprehensive range of Hirslanden services, Hirslanden Préférence offers you some extra services as well. Here is a complete overview of the services.

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Your Hirslanden Préférence services at a glance


Patients will find the nursing staff at Hirslanden hospitals to be trustworthy and competent individuals who make time for a personal chat, to answer questions, and to address the needs of all patients. The nurses who work for the Hirslanden Group not only possess a full range of outstanding qualifications; they are also setting new standards in providing individualised care to patients each and every day. They care for each patient to meet their needs and take time to talk to the patient, answer questions, and respond to requests for little things that make a difference.

Access and choice of doctors

When choosing a doctor, semi-privately insured patients benefit from the Hirslanden Préférence range of services: fast access to medical services, continuous care provided by the affiliated doctor and the ability to accommodate the patient’s personal schedule when planning surgeries are just some of the great benefits patients receive with Hirslanden Préférence.

The Hirslanden Group has highly qualified medical specialists with many years of hospital experience. This ensures patients get the same high standard of medical care at all hospitals and centres. Standardized processes, binding procedural policies, and continuous quality checks ensure that the high-quality of care is guaranteed and improved.

As a semi-privately insured patient, you benefit from an extra-high standard of medical care at Hirslanden hospitals: Hirslanden Préférence gives you easy, fast access to the medical specialists and services of your choice.

Hirslanden Préférence patients are treated personally by the affiliated doctor of their choice. Both visits and inpatient care, as well as necessary surgeries, are performed personally by the specialist of your choice. This ensures that, as a Hirslanden Préférence patient, you receive care from a qualified person with interdisciplinary contacts and who is completely familiar with the course of your treatment and individual needs.

  • Assistant doctors
    These doctors hold a medical degree and state certification. These doctors complete several years of further training as specialists, expanding their expertise as specialists both in theory and in practice. During their further training, assistant doctors take on more and more responsibilities, which include receiving the patient, examining them as well as diagnosis and treatment.

  • Affiliated doctors
    These doctors are independent practitioners as practicing doctors, affiliated doctors function as independent entities, though they do make use of the medical infrastructure and interdisciplinary cooperation offered to them by the hospital. 
  • Specialist
    Specialist doctors hold a medical degree and have completed at least five years of further training. Once they have completed the exam in their area of specialisation, they are entitled to work at one of 45 specialised medical centres. Even after they have completed their training, specialist doctors continuously undergo further training and contribute to research. At the same time, they can acquire skills certifications in various fields and focuses in order to expand their range of professional qualifications.
  • Senior physicians
    Senior physicians are specialists who serve in a leadership capacity at the hospital or medical centre, for example, heading different specialist departments. As such, they are part of the day-to-day activities in the hospital that involve caring for patients and conducting research projects. At the same time, however, they also oversee the activities of the assistant doctors and specialists working in their departments.


The foods served at Hirslanden hospitals are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our chefs make sure patients receive a balanced and varied diet – while at the same time accommodating their individual requests. The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group attaches great importance to serving its guests both high-quality and tasty foods. For this reason, we combine traditional cuisine with modern nutrition concepts, all prepared by professional chefs.

Hirslanden Préférence patients can choose from a varied range of menu options. Our chefs are also well-versed nutritional experts who know how to make even a bland diet taste good.

Hotel services

The Hirslanden Group attaches great importance to high-quality medicine and care with a personal touch. The hotel services staff competently attend to the needs of patients during the day-to-day activities at the hospital and are here to accommodate personal requests. It is very important to the Hirslanden Group that you feel at ease when you stay at one of our hospitals. This is why Hirslanden maintains the highest quality standards not only when it comes to medical care, but also in its hotel services, nursing, and catering.

Hirslanden Préférence offers semi-privately insured patients like you hotel services with a personal touch: Laundry and room service, a range of dining and drink options as well as plenty of extra services are what set Préférence apart from the basic standard of services, allowing you to plan your hospital stay just the way you like.

The competent and cordial hotel services professionals at Hirslanden are the first point of contact for non-medical services and are available round-the-clock to accommodate your requests.

Additional services for you as a Hirslanden Préférence patient

Hirslanden’s partners offers benefits and discounts to semi-privately insured patients eligible for the Hirslanden Préférence program. That way, you get the support you need during your hospital stay and the first days back home.


Shopping again right after returning home from the hospital? No need to with Coop! Order your foods and products for your daily needs conveniently from your hospital bed or sofa at home and have them delivered whenever it’s most convenient for you. This gives you more time for recovery and the finer things in life. Coop also offers a unique recipe service in addition to a large range of products. Select a meal and the shopping list of ingredients is created automatically.

Préférence patients receive a shopping voucher for Coop worth over CHF 40 and can redeem it for an online purchase at the in-store price. It’s also extra easy with the app.



Amavita is the leading pharmacy chain in Switzerland and offers a wide range of medical products online and locally. In addition to medicines, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and hygiene articles, Amavita offers a range of health checks. Just visit one of the more than 170 locations and receive professional advice. Or skip the hassle and shop conveniently online.

Amavita offers Hirslanden Préférence patients exclusive vouchers :

  • Doubling of stars with next purchase
  • CHF 10.- discount on a purchase for CHF 50.- or more
  • 20% discount in the online shop

Qwell by Valser

Valser Prickelnd (sparkling), Valser Still Calcium + Magnesium or Valser Still – enjoy the invigorating freshness of Valser mineral water, which is sourced from Piz Azul in Graubünden and spends 200 years mineralising before it is bottled.

Place your order and take advantage of Qwell's free delivery service, which includes delivery and pick-up of empty bottles. Now you can enjoy refreshing water from the St. Peter spring right in your home.

After their hospital stay, Hirslanden Préférence patients who purchase a box of Valser water will receive a second one free of charge. A six-pack of convenient bottles with sports cap for on the go is also available. Do something good for yourself – with Hirslanden and Valser.


Louis Widmer

Hirslanden uses high-quality hair and skincare products from Louis Widmer, the dermatology experts. The company develops and produces numerous products for treating skin problems, such as acne, rosacea, neurodermatitis as well as for general skin care. Anti-ageing, vitality, and feeling great in one’s own skin are the number one priority.

Pamper your skin with innovative skin care products made in Switzerland: As a Hirslanden Préférence patient, you will receive a toiletries kit containing a selection of Louis Widmer products when you arrive at the hospital. The kit includes shower gel, shampoo, hand cream, and body lotion, as well as anti-ageing cream to help you feel at ease.