Accident surgery (traumatology) involves identifying and treating all injuries caused by sport, leisure activities, traffic accidents and occupational accidents, including their long-term effects.

Our specialists at the centre for accident surgery treat patients from all insurance categories. Patients receive a thorough and fast assessment (including computed tomography, MRI, special examinations). Experienced traumatology doctors and doctors from other specialist areas (such as knee surgery, neurology, spinal surgery, etc.) are consulted, depending on the issue presented.

Areas of specialisation at the centre for accident surgery

Accident surgery

Accident surgery specialists diagnose and treat injuries (or their after-effects) of the whole body. Conservative treatment (with no operation) plays an important role in trauma surgery.

Knee surgery

Complex knee joint injuries, as well as long-term damage caused by previous knee injuries – often ones that happened years ago – are very common. That’s why the centre for accident surgery has made knee surgery one of its specialisms.

Sport traumatology

Sport traumatology focuses on the specific injuries and requirements of both professional and high-level amateur athletes. We offer specific consultation hours for consultations on and assessment of chronic sport injuries.

Geriatric traumatology

Unlike in sport traumatology, we don’t try to get older people to reach their maximum performance in the shortest time possible. Instead, we help them to reach a level of independence similar to the one they had before the accident, so they can return to their normal surroundings.

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Close collaboration with the Emergency Unit Klinik im Park

The emergency unit at Klinik im Park is available to patients of all insurance classes 365 days a year, 24/7. Providing fast and personal first aid to emergency patients is of the highest priority for the experienced team of doctors and specialist nurses.