Handtherapy Zurich at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park specialises in treatment and therapy for hands and elbows. The experienced team of therapists and medical specialists provide both outpatient and inpatient care. Their professionalism, expertise and many years of experience mean you can look forward to the very best quality therapy. Brendon Brown, the owner of Handtherapy Zurich, and his team provide their patients with expert and personalised support.

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8038 Zurich
+41 44 485 60 01
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Brendon Brown

Praxisinhaber/Geschäftsleitung Handtherapy Zurich

- zert. Handtherapeut SGHR
- Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational therapy,
  University of Sydney, Australia

Iris Haab

Stv. Geschäftsleitung Handtherapy Zurich

- zert. Handtherapeutin SGHR
- Dipl. Ergotherapeutin FH

Eva Gleiser

Dipl. Ergotherapeutin FH

Anja Fuchs

- Dipl. Ergotherapeutin FH

- CAS Handtherapie, ZHAW Winterthur

Kate Molander

- Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Occupational Therapy

- Diploma Holistic Aromatherapy, London School of Aromatherapy

Sabine Brodbeck

Dipl. Ergotherapeutin FH