Amidst the day-to-day running of a hospital, chaplains take time to listen and address the concerns of the patients.

Illnesses and hospital stays are often significant life events that provide an opportunity to pause and reflect. New developments may suddenly become more important than previous aspects of a patient’s life.

As chaplains, we are here to support you and your family. We will listen, help you with your questions, and try to meet your need for spiritual or religious support. Naturally, we respect your personal beliefs and values, and treat all our exchanges as confidential.
We are Protestant and Roman Catholic priests employed by our respective churches. If you would prefer to see a representative from another religion or religious community, we will gladly arrange this for you.  

Overview of our services

Patient visits
We regularly visit patients of various confessions and faiths, as well as people who do not belong to any religious community. We are not missionaries and do not force anyone to talk to us. We take an open-minded, Christian approach to support people of all faiths and confessions and respect people’s beliefs.

Religious services
We hold religious services at Klinik Im Park to celebrate Easter, Pentecost, Penance Day and Christmas and to assist people with religious forms of expression such as prayer, liturgy and sacraments (in accordance with their confession).

Support for family and friends
Our patients’ families and friends can also contact us if they would like support or have any questions.



Reformed pastor

Iris Rothweiler