Klinik Hirslanden, Zurich

Klinik Hirslanden, Zürich

Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich is one of the most exclusive private hospitals in Switzerland.

Klinik Hirslanden is part of a collaborative network of expert specialists and centres of excellence offering patients a wide range of custom tailored treatments as well as the highest professional industry standards of medical and nursing care. Comfortable accommodation is sure to make its guests feel at ease and aids in your full rehabilitation.

Hirslanden offers a comprehensive list of services and medical care thanks to its collaboration with affiliated doctors and canters of excellence. This collaboration allows the patients to receive the most professional and cutting edge treatments in the industry. With the medical expertise of an acute hospital with affiliated doctors and in-house physicians the staff at Hirslanden is able to accompany patients from diagnosis to recovery while at the same time offering each patient with individualised care.


Areas of Specialisation
With over 40 institutes and centres of medical excellence Hirslanden Klinik is a field leading group with unmatched expertise and experience. The main focus lies in cardiology, visceral surgery, neuroscience, orthopaedics, gynaecology and obstetrics. The clinics emergency unit is available 24-7 offering patients with the most individualised care in the industry.

Facts & Figures
Founded in 1932 Hirslanden Klinik today has around 400 accredited doctors and in house physicians with renowned experience and expertise dedicated to the welfare of every patient. The clinic also has over 1,200 highly trained employees with 259 beds and 3 maternity suites.


Klinik Hirslanden

Witellikerstrasse 40
8032 Z├╝rich
T +41 44 387 21 11

Requests and information for international patients

Hirslanden International

Seefeldstrasse 214
8008 Zurich
T +41 44 388 75 75