Core Team

Tissue Analyses

Profile picture of Marianne Tinguely

Prof. Dr. med. Marianne Tinguely

Specialist in pathology

Focus: molecular pathology
Pathologie Institut Enge
Hardturmstrasse 133
8005 Zürich

Dr. med. Marija Macan

Specialist in pathology

Pathologie Institut Enge
Hardturmstrase 135
8005 Zürich

Further members


At both our locations, expert radiologists are available to perform mammograms.

Case Management

The Im Park Clinic's Case Management team will advise you on all matters relating to everyday organisation, social security and much more. If required, we can organise, for example, follow-up solutions to in-patient treatment (Spitex, cure, rehabilitation, etc.) and support for everyday help (child care, meal service, domestic help, etc.).

If you are staying in a rehabilitation centre or a health resort, we take care of the administrative and organisational tasks for you. In cooperation with the Breast Care Nurse of the Breast Centre, we endeavour to provide you with the best possible care in the areas surrounding your illness.


Physiotherapy is aimed at regaining, maintaining and improving the body's ability to move and function. We are here for you with pleasure.

Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine is mainly concerned with the imaging, functional examinations of the patient. Information from our cooperation partner of the City Hospital Waid and Triemli at the Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine can be found here:


Cancers that are genetically determined can occur more frequently in a family. Our genetic counselling partner will clarify with you whether there is a need for action and advise you on the options.


Cancer is often a great burden for patients and their relatives. Psycho-oncological psychotherapy can be helpful here. You can find more information at our cooperation partner, the Krebsliga Zurich:

Pastoral care

Pastoral care offers a hearing to all patients and relatives with a desire for a conversation regarding spiritual or religious support.