• Visitors must wear a disposable surgical mask throughout their stay on the hospital premises. They can obtain these at the reception desk if required.
  • All visitors are registered at reception and questioned about their state of health.
  • Birth and postpartum: The visit of the child's father or a defined accompanying person may be unlimited.

Overnight stay for fathers/partners on the postpartum bed

Fathers/Partners are welcome on the postpartum ward and can stay overnight in the same room. At the moment, overnight accommodation for the sibling is not possible.

Public events

Due to the current situation, certain events will not take place on site and only online. You can find more information here.

Individual tour

For an individual visit to our maternity ward, please contact our midwives about one hour before your desired visit on T 044 209 22 42 (also in the evenings and at weekends). The occupancy of our birthing rooms cannot be planned, which is why we are unable to arrange fixed viewing appointments. We look forward to seeing you.