Research and training are very important to the Hirslanden Group. By training medical students to become expert, committed doctors, we contribute to the provision of healthcare for the Swiss population.


Many of our doctors, both affiliated doctors and salaried doctors, are habilitated or recognised as clinical lecturers, i.e., they have a teaching qualification from a university. The HIMED (Hirslanden Institute for Medical Education) association was founded in 2016 to deploy this potential for the next generation of doctors and to promote training.


HIMED is a non-profit, tax-exempt association registered in the Zurich Commercial Register with a view to bundling training and research activities in Hirslanden Group hospitals. Thus, HIMED initiates cooperation between universities and hospitals in and outside Switzerland, participates in the development of training formats in the hospitals in consultation with the universities, and helps them to set up and offer appropriate training infrastructure. Moreover, HIMED is responsible for the secondment of lecturers and for supporting them in the preparation and provision of training courses.

HIMED is financed with membership fees from the hospitals and other stakeholders, as well as with remuneration from the universities for training activities. The financial resources are used exclusively for a specific purpose, i.e., directly for training.

HIMED’s Board members include:

  • Dr. oec. HSG Niowi Näf (Member of the Executive Board)
  • Dominique Kuhlen, MD (Member of the Corporate Executive Board)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Reto Stocker (Senior Medical Consultant)
  • Marco Gugolz (Director Hirslanden Clinic)
  • Jonas Zollinger (Director St.Anna Clinic)

For more information about HIMED, please visit

Training at Hirslanden hospitals in Zurich and Lucerne

Currently, the Hirslanden hospitals in Zurich and Lucerne are involved in the training. Klinik Hirslanden Zurich is a teaching hospital of the University of Zurich, Klinik St. Anna is a partner hospital in the Joint Medical Master (JMM) of the Universities of Zurich and Lucerne as well as a teaching hospital of the University of Basel. Both hospitals offer courses, modules and internships for students of the respective universities. Sub-interns are also trained in both hospitals. Master's and doctoral theses can be offered in Lucerne together with the university. 

Partnership with the University of Nicosia

In addition to the existing good cooperation with the three universities in Switzerland, a partnership between the Hirslanden Group and the University of Nicosia was established in spring 2022. Medical students can study European medicine in English in Nicosia for the first four years, which is followed by practical training in years five and six at Klinik Hirslanden Zurich and its selected partners. The degree from the University of Nicosia is fully recognised in Switzerland as well as throughout Europe and North America. Admission to this degree programme is by personal selection and is independent of the Swiss admission restriction.

The study in Nicosia and the practical training in Zurich offer the following advantages:

  • Studying at a high-ranking university (the University of Nicosia is among the top 250 in the EU; The World University Rankings 2022)
  • Familiar learning environment with an enviable hands-on approach and personal support from lecturers
  • Training in one of the best hospitals in Switzerland (Klinik Hirslanden Zurich is ranked number 5 by World’s Best Hospitals 2022 - Switzerland)
  • Practical training with supervision by the best doctors
  • Optimum access to the Swiss labour market through the Hirslanden network and the personal network of doctors
  • Attractive job prospects (99.8% employment rate in the best healthcare facilities in the world)
  • Degree fully recognised in Switzerland as well as throughout Europe and North America.
  • International environment with students from over 80 countries in a trendy, safe city

You can find all information about the studies and practical training on the website of the University of Nicosia.

We are proud of our outstanding and dedicated lecturers, and grateful for their commitment and dedication to teaching.

Chief Clinical Officer

Dominique Kuhlen
Dr. med. Dominique Kuhlen
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Chief Strategy Officer

Niowi Näf
Dr. Niowi Näf
President HIMED
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