Kidney stones often occur quite suddenly and almost always cause excruciating pain. In such an emergency, it is extremely important for the patient that the medical team is contacted immediately and that comprehensive diagnosis and treatment are performed rapidly.

The medical team at the NierensteinZentrum Zurich has acquired an excellent understanding of the situation from over 30 years’ experience and is very flexible in terms of time. In most cases, diagnosis and treatment are performed on site at the NierensteinZentrum the same day, and if a minimally invasive procedure is required, the patient is admitted to Klinik Im Park within a day.

The team of urologists and nephrologists offers the full spectrum of diagnosis and treatment options, allowing optimum treatment individualised to each patient’s needs.

Besides acute kidney stone treatment, the medical team at the NiernsteinZentrum also focuses on kidney stone prophylaxis, as without preventative measures kidney stones recur in 50-60 % of patients.

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