At the Centre for Infectious Diseases the fever conditions and infections of ambulatory and hospitalised patients undergo a comprehensive diagnostic workup with regards to their cause. This takes place in close collaboration with various specialists and a special laboratory as needed. If the cause is an infection, a disease transmitted by bacteria, parasite, fungi or viruses, then targeted treatment occurs that is adapted to the particular situation at hand. There are complicated infections that can only be treated with medications administered intravenously. If possible, these treatments (e.g., Lyme’s borelliosis) are carried out on an ambulatory basis.

Focal points are the treatment of viral and bacterial diseases such as hepatitis B & C, herpes, HIV/AIDS and infections of the heart valves (endocarditis), skin (recurrent abscesses), bone (osteomyelitis), foreign materials (prothesis infections), lungs (pneumonia, tuberculosis), systemic infections (e.g., Lyme borelliosis, syphillis) as well as the treatment of multiresistant pathogens.

Infectious diseases centre
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