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Diastasis recti abdominis is a separation of the abdominal muscles. This issue is normal in every pregnant woman in the third trimester, but should be fixed after pregnancy to avoid back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction or digestive issues.

If your body feels really disconnected, you suffer from chronic back pain (low, mid, and even upper back), you have a bulging tummy that won’t go away, you see a trench down the midline of your belly when you sit up or cough, you have a hard time sitting or standing tall or lifting/carrying your kids feels really hard, than you probably have a diastasis recti.

While Diastasis Recti is a diagnosis, it is also a symptom of a much larger issue known as Functional Core Weakness. Both conditions contribute to aches, pains, and dysfunctions in birth recovery that, when left untreated, will continue to take a toll on your body’s ability to function. Understanding the connection between your body’s design and the physical demands of motherhood is the first step in rehabilitation.

Functional Core Weakness and diastasis recti can be treated with functional core rehabilitation. Surgery is necessary very seldom. Our training will strengthen the core, minimize movements making it worse, reconnect you to your body, close the separation, flatten your belly, relieve back pain and other symptoms, as well as retrain your body mechanics, posture, and alignment for long-term success.

Our goal is not to get you stronger for exercises, but stronger for living life.

In pregnancy

Expecting moms after the first trimester can strengthen their core to feel strong in pegnancy and birth. Recovering will be quicker as the body ist prepared.

After pregnancy

Postpartum women with diastasis recti, core weakness, pelvic floor issues, sacroiliac instability, back pain, «mummy tummy». You can start the training 6 weeks after birth. Even if you have a diastasis since a very long time, you can fix it by rehabilitation training. It`s never too late.


Kirsten Zimmermann, midwife, Professional Trainer in Tupler Technique und Endorsed Tummy Team Practioner.

Duration and Costs

One consultation is 50 minutes and costs CHF 150.-. How many consultations are required is dependant on your diagnosis and can be discussed in the first session. Please note, that insurances not always covers the fee, please contact your insurance company to get more informations.


Appointments are available on Monday and Wednesday from 8 am - 3 pm. Please contact our Maternity Ward to arrange an appointment with the following registration form. Please note that a cancellation/postponement of an appointment must be made up to 24 hours before the treatment. Otherwise the treatment will be charged.

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