Rectus diastasis is when the straight abdominal muscles move to the side.

An RD develops in every pregnancy to make room for the growing uterus, but it should disappear within the first 9 months after birth if possible to avoid subsequent complaints. Women with RD often retain a slightly bulging abdomen after pregnancy and feel unstable and powerless. Back pain, pelvic floor problems and digestive problems are typical symptoms of RD. Rectus diastasis is easily treatable with special training. Surgery is often unnecessary.

Rectus diastasis consultation during pregnancy

The ideal would be to keep the gap as small as possible already during pregnancy through exercises and correct behaviour. In the RD consultation, exercises are worked out with the pregnant woman, preparations are made with regard to birth and caesarean section, and a rehabilitation plan is drawn up for the time after birth. Read more about this in our blog post on the topic.

Rectus diastasis consultation after pregnancy

After pregnancy, it is advisable to check the function of the trunk muscles in order to start targeted training in case of rectus diastasis. After the postpartum period, rehabilitation of the muscles can already begin.

No matter how long ago a pregnancy occurred, a rectus diastasis can still be successfully treated with training years later. It is important for the success of the treatment to do the exercises regularly at home. Read more about this in our blog post on the topic.


Kirsten Zimmermann, qualified midwife with special further training in rectus diastasis therapy: Heller Method, Tummy Team Trained Practitioner, Tummy Team Birth Professional, Mamas Mitte Trainer and Pre- and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist by Dr Sarah Duvall.

We will tailor the treatment technique to suit your needs and create an individual treatment plan.

Target group

Pregnant and post-pregnancy women with rectus diastasis.

Duration and Costs

The duration of therapy is defined according to the diagnosis and depending on the severity. A single lesson lasts 50 minutes and the cost is CHF 150.- per lesson. The costs are often not covered by the health insurance.


Appointments are available on Monday and Wednesday from 8 am - 3 pm. Please contact our Maternity Ward to arrange an appointment with the following registration form. Please note that a cancellation/postponement of an appointment must be made up to 24 hours before the treatment. Otherwise the treatment will be charged.