The managers of the care department at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park are experts in their field and work hard to continually improve our services.

Nursing management

Portrait von Daniel Engel
Marco Serra
Head Nursing Services
Soraya Hämmerli
Soraya Hämmerli
Head of Nursing Development
Melanie Camenzind
Melanie Camenzind
Assistant Nursing Service

Specialty management

Profilbild Olaf Hübler
Olaf Hübler
Team leader special oncological service
Profile picture of Andreas Hoffmann
Andreas Hoffmann
Head of Intensive Care Unit, Monitoring Unit and Echo
Marek Peschel
Head of dialysis

Emergency management

Jozo Markovic
Jozo Markovic
Co-Head of emergency ward
Victoria Messing-Braun
Victoria Messing-Braun
Co-Head of emergency ward

Bed department management

Profilbild Isabela Costa Silva
Isabela Costa Silva
Team leader day clinic
Simona Rissi
Ward manager 4th floor
Specialisation 4th floor: Visceral/Orthopaedics
Number of beds: 26
Profile picture Maren Wolf
Maren Wolf
Ward manager 2nd floor
Specialisation: Cardiology / Heart surgery
Number of beds: 37
Kevin dos Santos
Kevin dos Santos
Ward manager 5th floor
Specialisation 5th floor: Urology
Number of beds: 27
Portrait von Franziska Vallantine
Franziska Vallantine
Ward manager 3rd floor and birthing room
Specialisation: Maternity unit
Number of beds: 24