Manager care department

The managers of the care department at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park are experts in their field and work hard to continually improve our services.

Head Nursing Services
Sebastian Drews
Head of emergency department/outpatients
Dennis Waldschmidt
Ward manager 1st floor, Specialisation: Oncology
Annegret Messner
Number of beds 12
Ward manager 2nd floor, Specialisation: Cardiology/heart surgery
Florian Melchiors
Number of beds: 37
Ward manager 3rd floor, Specialisation: Gynaecology/obstetrics
Nathalie Colling
Number of beds: 24
Ward manager 4th floor, Specialisation: Visceral/orthopaedics
Valjdet Zendeli
Number of beds: 26
Ward manager 5th floor, Specialisation: Urology
Maren Wolf
Number of beds: 27