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In order to detect any changes in the skin and possible early signs of skin cancer, everyone should check their moles once a month. In case of any changes in the moles, a checkup by the family doctor is recommended. Marco shows you how to check your moles correctly in the video.

Check your moles using the ABCDE rule:

A: asymmetry

Does the mole have an irregular shape?

B: border

Are the edges of the mole irregular or blurred?

C: colour

Does the mole vary in colour?

D: diameter

Is the diameter of the mole greater than 5 millimetres?

E: evolving

Has the mole changed in size, colour or shape since you last checked?

Do you have the impression that your mole has changed since the last self-examination? Then make an appointment with your family doctor and have the mole checked by a health professional.