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Every man should examine his testicles once a month. It is the simplest method for discovering testicle abnormalities and detecting testicular cancer at an early stage. This video will show you how to correctly examine your testicles and what kind of changes you should be looking for.

Men between the ages of 14 and 45 should perform a self-examination of their testicles once a month. After a warm shower or bath is a good time because the testicles are easier to examine.  

Step 1

With your open palm, fell the scrotum and testicles from below. Has the size and weight changed since last month?

Note: Testicles normally differ slightly in size.

Step 2

For the self-examination, use your thumb, index and middle finger. Feel each testicle individually. Place your index and middle finger underneath and your thumb on top of your testicle. Then roll the testicle back and forth between your thumb and fingers. Do you notice any hard spots or lumps?

Note: You may also feel the epididymis, which is easily confused with an anomaly.

Step 3

Now look at both testicles in the mirror. Do they appear swollen or enlarged?

  • Painless lump
  • An enlarged or swollen testicle
  • Feeling of heaviness in the testicle
  • Pain in the testicle, lower abdomen or scrotum
  • Enlargement or pain in the chest

If you notice any changes, consult a urologist