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The Hirslanden Group attaches great importance to high-quality medicine and care with a personal touch. The hotel services staff competently attend to the needs of patients during the day-to-day activities at the hospital and are here to accommodate personal requests.

It is very important to the Hirslanden Group that you feel at ease when you stay at one of our hospitals. This is why Hirslanden maintains the highest quality standards not only when it comes to medical care, but also in its hotel services, nursing, and catering.

Hirslanden Préférence offers semi-privately insured patients like you hotel services with a personal touch: Laundry and room service, a range of dining and drink options as well as plenty of extra services are what set Préférence apart from the basic standard of services, allowing you to plan your hospital stay just the way you like.

The competent and cordial hotel services professionals at Hirslanden are the first point of contact for non-medical services and are available round-the-clock to accommodate your requests.

Nicole Pester works in hotel services at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park:

What she likes most about her work is the personal contact with patients.

Portrait picture of Nicole Pester
I love this deep, trusting relationship. For me, there is no better feeling than when a patient addresses me directly by name.

Ms Pester, what hotel services are available to patients?

As hotel services staff, we meet the patients when they arrive, accompany them to their rooms, and see to it that they feel at ease during their stay. This includes our food and drink services for patients and their visitors, the laundry service, and much more.

What is the protocol for greeting patients?

Normally, we meet each patient when they arrive at the reception desk. On the way to their room, I try to chat with them a bit to establish a personal connection. This gives me a chance to answer their initial questions, help dispel any anxieties, and establish trust.

When a patient arrives in the ward from the emergency room, the hotel services staff meet them directly in their room.

What personal services can you provide?

Our services are virtually the same as you would find in a hotel. The most common special requests are patients’ food and drink preferences. We see to it that the desired meal – for the patient or their visitors – is served at the time indicated. We’re happy to make sure the patient’s favourite drink is always served and place fresh flowers in their rooms. An extra blanket can also be brought to the patient right away on request.

How do you assist the patient during their stay?

We meet the patient when they arrive at the hospital – and we’re always close-by, so that we can continue to coordinate our services more precisely to meet their needs. It is very important to always listen to the patient when we’re in the room with them.

When changing shifts, we discuss the detailed needs of each individual patient. We also coordinate with the nursing staff. All of this enables us to get to know each patient personally.