How do I benefit from the integrated Starcard?

With the Amavita Starcard code on your Hirslanden Privé card, you collect valuable Starcard stars each time you make a purchase at an Amavita pharmacy. You can then convert these stars into cash or vouchers. We will credit you with 4000 stars worth CHF 40 in cash or CHF 50 in vouchers on your Starcard account if you opt to combine your Hirslanden Privé card with the Starcard.

I already have a Starcard, can I combine the two?

Yes, you can. The next time you purchase something in an Amavita pharmacy, take both your Hirslanden Privé membership card and your Starcard with you. Your accounts will be linked so you only have to carry one card in the future.

I no longer want to use of the Starcard services, what should I do?

Please contact us with this form. The Amavita logo will still appear on your Hirslanden Privé membership card, but your account will be deactivated.

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