Our purpose, our «why» is at the centre of everything we do. The answer to this question reveals our fundamental motivation: the objective of everything we do is to improve the quality of life of the people who place themselves in our care. What is important to us in this process is both the quality of life of our patients and customers as well as that of our staff.

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Quality of life for patients and customers

Every person has their own interpretation of what «quality of life» means. Our mission is to create added value every day by offering high-quality medicine and care at the best value for money as well as a unique Hirslanden customer experience. At the same time our focus is always on patient benefit: The better the medical outcome and patient satisfaction and the lower the cost, the greater the patient benefit.

As an institution integrated into the Swiss healthcare system, we make an important contribution to healthcare provision for the Swiss population. Over 50% of our patients (and growing) are covered by general healthcare insurance. At the same time, we have positioned ourselves as the leading provider in the private insurance sector. We also specialise in offering people covered by private insurance personal care with the very best service, using the latest innovative technology and processes but with market-based value for money. This includes, for instance, the unrestricted choice of doctor and time of treatment, a say in the use of certain implants and technologies as well as a high level of comfort and service in their accommodation and meals.

Patients recount how their quality of life has improved:

Quality of life for employees

The concern we have for the quality of life of our patients applies not only to our patients and customers but also to our staff. This is why we take our responsibility as an employer seriously and consistently act in line with our values.

Members of our staff recount how they are supported in line with our values in their everyday working lives: