With the Continuum of Care we offer our patients and customers an integrated medical care solution of the highest quality customised to their needs at every stage and in every situation they encounter in their lives. The Continuum of Care includes the fields of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and after-care.

Our patients and customers have different needs in a whole variety of situations in their lives. As an integrated healthcare provider, the Hirslanden Group is a partner for all health-related matters. 

We recognise the uniqueness of everyone, and we advise and treat the people who entrust themselves to us at every stage of their lives and in every situation they experience as they journey through life (Continuum of Care) – whether as inpatients or outpatients and whether in face-to-face or digital form.  

The Continuum of Care extends from prevention to primary care, diagnosis, inpatient and outpatient treatment and onwards to after-care and rehabilitation as well as care at home. We therefore offer medical services from birth to old age, fine-tuned to the uniqueness of the patient’s needs.

Some of the individual phases of the Continuum of Care are provided by ourselves or we work with partners who embrace the same values as ourselves: 

  • We are experts in the diagnosis, treatment and care of the sick. More than 2,500 affiliated doctors as well as 5,000 therapists and nursing staff are involved in our unique network of laboratories, radiology institutes, outpatient centres and hospitals serving all Switzerland. Thanks to the Hirslanden Healthline and the Hirslanden App, we can also offer these services in digital form: in other words irrespective of the time of day and the place.
  • In areas which are outside our core business, for instance primary care or rehabilitation, we have concluded cooperative agreements and strategic alliances with public and private partners – and more are being planned. We are therefore in a position to offer our patients the best possible care from experts in the specialty required for their particular case. 

With our Continuum of Care we cover the entire range of treatment from prevention through to cure.

Our Continuum of Care briefly explained using the example of a baby