The gallbladder is partially connected to the liver and serves a a reservoir fort the bile fluid which can be squeezed on demand in large quantities into the duodenum to help in fat digestion and absorption of some fat soluble vitamins. However, this works also without a gallbladder.

Diseases of the gallbladder are on one hand the development of stones, which can cause colicky pain and on the other hand the development of inflammation with fever, continuous pain and rareöy also peritonitis (in case of perforation). More seldom malignant tumors of the gallbladder can develop and grow into the liver tissue which require an operation.


Gallbladder surgery

The most frequent operation on the gallbladder is ist complete removal. This so called cholecystectomy can mostly be performed by minimally invasive means and rarely also in open technique for example if there is a suspicion of cancer. Complications are very rare. The loss of the gallbladder remains without measurable consequences fort he patient. The complaints that are caused by stones and/or inflammation are almost always absent postoperatively. The duration of hospital stay is usually 2-3 days.

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