The thyroid gland is responsible for many metabolic functions. In case of overfunction or if a malignant tumor is suspected an operation might be necessary and can offer cure in most instances.


Thyroid gland surgery

Total Thyroidectomy

This means that the entire thyroid gland is removed (both lobes including the so called pyramid lobe). No residual tissue remains. The patient has to take lifelong thyroid hormone replacement on a daily basis.


In this operation only one half of the thyroid gland is removed. Hormone replacement can be omitted under certain circumstances.


In this operation only an altered node or lump in the otherwise normal thyroid gland is being removed close to its border. This can be done for benign lumps.

Possible complications

It is important to know that in all thyroid operations that the so called recurrent laryngeal nerve (vocal cord nerve) is at risk of being injured. This risk is in my own patients around 2%.

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