FAQs on the birth and confinement

It's not every day that you become a parent and the new life situation raises many questions. In order to prepare you for the birth and the confinement in the clinic, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions here.

Questions on the birth

  • Do I have to bring clothes for my baby to the clinic?
    No, your child will receive clinic baby clothes until you are discharged.
  • Can I still eat and drink during labour?
    Yes, during normal labour you may certainly eat and drink.
  • If I come to the clinic during the night, do I have to bring something to eat from home with me?
    You don't have to bring anything from home; our kitchen will look after you very well!
  • Can I request an epidural at any time?
    Yes, an experienced anaesthesia team is always available.
  • Who can I ring in case of questions or problems when my doctor is not available during the evening or at night?
    You can reach the midwives of the delivery room 24 hours a day; they will assist you professionally or arrange a consultation with your doctor.
  • Can I determine my birthing position myself?
    Certainly. Your midwife is happy to advise you.
  • Are alternatives to medicine offered and used during labour?
    Yes, should you wish, your midwife will advise you and offer you oils, herbs or acupuncture at any time.

Questions on the confinement

  • How long is the stay after a natural birth/caesarean section?
    The average stay is five days after a natural birth and seven days after a caesarean section. The length of stay depends primarily on your personal well being and is determined in consultation with your doctor and the nursing staff.
  • Can my partner also stay overnight in the clinic?
    Certainly. Your partner is always welcome. In a single room, an overnight stay is possible; a folding bed or sofa-bed is available for this purpose.
  • Is breastfeeding advice guaranteed?
    Our breastfeeding consultant is available on request and will answer your questions. In addition, our nurses will support you at any time in all matters related to breastfeeding. After you have been discharged, there is the option of out-patient breastfeeding advice.
  • Can my baby also be with me in my room during the night (rooming-in)?
    Certainly. In this way, you get to know the needs of your baby better. When you really need some peace and quiet, our nursing staff will care of your baby at any time.
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