Washing agent

Washing agent for sensitive baby skin

Just as you use particularly mild care products to protect your baby's skin, you should also use a particularly gentle washing agent to wash your baby's clothes. This is why washing agents exist which take account of the needs of the tender baby skin and are therefore particularly suitable as a family washing agent for white and colour-fast washing. Experience shows that skin irritations are mostly caused by fragrances.


Fabric conditioners are not recommended, because they contain fragrances. Tumble drying is actually the best method to make the washing soft and fluffy.


If you observe the following tips when washing, you will be able to enjoy your clothes for longer:

  • Wash soiled textiles as soon as possible and pre-treat tough stains
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label
  • Sort the washing by colour, fibre, degree of soiling and washing temperature
  • Close zips, Velcro and hook fasteners
  • Turn printed and dark textiles inside out
  • Fill the drum loosely to the top, for delicates up to one third as a maximum
  • Observe the instructions on the packaging when dosing the washing agent
  • Do not leave the washing in the washing machine, otherwise it will begin to smell
  • Use a mild detergent for wool and silk


One of these mild detergents is filetti sensitive. It contains perfume oils that are easy on the skin, is entirely free from colorants and contains no enzymes. This is why it has been awarded the dermatological quality seal of "high level of skin tolerance". In addition to the filetti sensitive powder, whose oxygen-based bleach removes even the toughest of stains in your baby's washing, the liquid filetti sensitive Gel exists for non-colour-fast washing. It has also been dermatologically tested.

More valuable tips can be obtained from our partner at www.filetti.ch


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