8th week of pregnancy

  • 36th to 42nd day of embryonic development
  • Crown-rump length of embryo: 9 to 16 mm

Don’t be surprised if you are loosing rather than gaining weight in the first weeks of pregnancy; there is no general pattern of weight development. Loss of appetite and nausea can cause some pregnant women to simply eat less. It is important to eat highly nutritious food, rich in vitamins.


Further information on nutrition


All the inner organs of the embryo are in the right place. The heart beats about 140 to 150 times per minute and drives the circulation between the umbilical cord and placenta. The outer sexual organs are now visible and the spine is flexible. Vertebral bodies have developed around the spinal chord.


Gradually the face can be seen in ultrasound images, but the head is still almost as large as the rest of the body. The anlage of the visual nerve in the eye is established. The upper lip and the tip of the nose are formed and there is already a tiny tongue. Your little one is now the size of a grape.


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