9th week of pregnancy

  • 43rd to 48th day of development
  • Crown-rump length of embryo: 17 to 24 mm

By the 9th week, not only have the anlagen of the organ system been established, but it is also already partly functional. The brain grows the fastest, with 100,000 nerve cells developed per minute. The embryo has clearly visible arms and hands, legs and feet. The fingers and toes are however still connected by skin folds.


With boys the testicles develop now. But it is not yet possible to differentiate between son and daughter with an ultrasound image.


The neck is visible between the head and rump but is still quite broad. The face continues to form, with eyes and eyelids, lips and the anlagen of the teeth.


In an ultrasound image one can observe somersaults and reflexive movement – but it will be many more weeks before you will be able to feel the child’s movement. The child is now the size of a strawberry.


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