Preparing for the birth

Simple breathing and physical exercises for relaxation and to facilitate childbirth are a good way of preparing yourself, during pregnancy, for the birth of your child. These exercises assist you, both mentally and physically, in dealing with the pain you will feel in childbirth. In consultation with midwives and medical specialists, you will become familiar with the birth process, your stay in hospital after the birth and the initial period at home, in order to prepare you for the events ahead.


We recommend that you begin attending a birth preparation course between the 25th and the 30th week of pregnancy. As a rule, courses consist of seven to ten two-hour classes. In addition, our HIrslanden clinics organise intensive birth preparation courses on the weekend.


Your health insurance contributes CHF 100.- to the cost of attending a birth preparation class if the course is conducted by a qualified midwife.


The courses offered at our Hirslanden clinics include birth preparation courses and gymnastics for pregnant women.



Acupuncture has long been recognised in China as a natural method of facilitating childbirth. Acupuncture compliments traditional birth preparation courses. The childbirth process can be shortened and facilitated by the use of acupuncture.


The stimulation afforded by acupuncture needles helps to relax the uterine orifice, so that the contractions can work more efficiently. Acupuncture is also recommended as a method of relieving the discomfort associated with pregnancy.


Many our Hirslanden clinics offer acupuncture treatment as part of preparations for childbirth.


Maternity clinic

The choice of maternity clinic is also part of preparing for childbirth. The Hirslanden clinics organise regular information evenings on the subject of childbirth and your stay in hospital after the birth, at which we are delighted to take the opportunity to show you our Maternity Wards and Birth Rooms.