Anesthesia makes it possible to operate without pain, without anxiety and helps prevent all post-operative pain.

A fully versatile specialty

For all surgical operations at the Clinic, patients benefit from personalized follow-up by a doctor-anaesthetist. Anesthesia is performed in complete safety, thanks to clinical monitoring, fitting and monitoring of vital signs by our professionals. A systematic pre-operative consultation makes it possible to carry out an evaluation of co-morbidities, and to give the patient all the information concerning his perioperative management. Post-operative follow-up and resuscitation are also provided. 

Anesthesia is a transversal discipline in the Clinic and our specialists work with all surgical departments, as well as with adult and pediatric emergency departments to perform all types of anesthesia (general and loco-regional). They also deal with obstetric (epidural) analgesia.

Our anaesthetists have the most modern equipment available in the operating room, in the recovery room, in continuing care and in the delivery room.