Thanks to anaesthesia, operations can be performed without pain and without anxiety, and it also hinders post-operative pain.

Une spécialité entièrement polyvalente

Patients having a surgical procedure performed at the Clinique will benefit from the personalised care of an anaesthetist. The anaesthesia is administered securely thanks to clinical monitoring, state-of-the-art devices, and the presence of professionals, who keep track of vital signs. Systematic pre-operative examinations are used to assess any co-morbidities and give the patient all the information necessary regarding per-operative care. Post-operative care and reanimation are also guaranteed.

Anaesthesia is a cross-disciplinary activity at the Clinique: our specialists work with all the surgical services as well as with our emergency services for adults and children to dispense various types of anaesthesia, general and local-regional. They also handle obstetrical analgesics (epidurals).

Our anaesthetists have the most modern materials at their disposal in the operating theatre, in the recovery room, for follow-up care and in the delivery room.


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