The dermatologic and cosmetic surgery section offers cosmetic treatments of the latest generation. It also diagnoses and treats skin cancers.

Deep cosmetic experience for a natural result

Cosmetic treatments performed at the Grangettes restore the patients' healthy looks, improve their features and remove of signs of fatigue. Several kinds of treatment are offered.

This particular section of the Clinique des Grangettes is one of the most experienced in Switzerland. It is also one of the major users of hyaluronic acid, a substance that improves skin quality and restores its volume. It also serves to correct the nose, chin and lips and to treat under-eye bags.

Botulinum toxin, for its part, relaxes the muscles of the face and neck and allows treatment of muscular hyperactivity in the face, which causes wrinkles. It can also be used on the neck, the face's oval, the nose and mouth and to treat excessive underarm and hand perspiration.

Six lasers at the Clinique are used to treat acne scars, pigmentation spots and couperosis. These devices allow the doctor to perform highly precise operations and improve skin quality.

One other special feature of the section is the presence of a team dedicated to treating hair loss.  Our dermatologist trained in micro-transplant and went on to refine the technique to obtain more natural-looking and lasting results.

The dermatology section is also specialised in treating skin cancers.

Centre for dermatology and cosmetic surgery
Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes
Chemin des Grangettes 7
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