The Center for Preventive & Integrative Medicine, through a holistic multidisciplinary approach, invites you to preserve your health. Whether you are in good health, experiencing early symptoms or have been diagnosed, we will address your health and well-being as a whole.

Batiment N

Integrative medicine

The Centre aims to be a catalyst for health. Our medicine is intended for anyone who wants to preserve or recover health and well-being. It is therefore a question of optimizing your health parameters, rethinking your lifestyle and your nutrition.

Integrative medicine combines complementary medicine care practices with those of conventional medicine. By combining these two approaches with individual care, the care pathway is improved.

The person is considered as a whole, body and mind. It is no longer a question of treating a specific organ, symptom or function, but of taking into account the person, his context and promoting the body's self-healing mechanisms. The patient is encouraged to participate actively.

The treatments and treatments practiced at the Center are micronutrition, hypnotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, manual lymphatic drainage, gentle manual therapy, massages, yoga therapy & guided meditation, sophrology and sound therapy.

Integrative Oncology

The Centre reinforces the services of the Oncology Centre, the Breast Centre and the Prostate Centre of Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes, which thus acquires comprehensive oncology care.

Integrative oncology is offered at all stages of the disease, and from diagnosis, to create a positive synergy with specific treatments. Integrative management aims to reduce the impact of side effects and act on the quality of life of patients, through the entire therapeutic spectrum of conventional and complementary medicine. 

Our multidisciplinary and outpatient care on the Grangettes site is divided into 5 components :

  • Medical treatment by oncologists and related specialists
  • Onco-nutrition
  • Onco-psychology
  • Physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation
  • Complementary medicine treatments (hypnosis, acupuncture, onco-reflexology, gentle manual therapy, yogatherapy & meditation, Tibetan bowls)
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Center for Preventive & Integrative Medicine
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