Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyperactivity AD(H)D, affects 5-7% of children of school age. In 2011, a multidisciplinary AD(H)D consultation was created at the Clinique des Grangettes.

A range of afflictions

AD(H)D comes in several forms. Generally, it is associated with lack of concentration plus locomotor hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour. It can appear as simple attention deficit. The problems associated with AD(H)D are diverse and common. These might include learning disabilities (dyslexia, displasia, etc.), or psychological troubles (anxiety, depressions, etc.). So a multidisciplinary approach is recommendable, both in terms of patient diagnosis as well as treatment.

A multidisciplinary approach

The Clinique des Grangettes offers multidisciplinary AD(H)D examinations within the framework of a partnership with the Hans-Wilsdorf Foundation. Children and adolescents suffering from learning difficulties in school and/or behavioural problems associated with AD(H)D are examined by a team made up of a neuropaediatrician, a paedopsychiatrist, and a neuropsychologist.

Consultation centre for AD(H)D
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