Patient stories

The home renovation was really tough on his shoulder. The long-term, excessive strain caused Christian Kleger to develop osteoarthritis in his shoulder joint. He made a list of all the things he could no longer do without experiencing pain. But after a shoulder prosthesis had been implanted, the policeman was able to quickly tick off everything on that list. His shoulder is now fully capable of withstanding stress in both his private and professional life.

Christian Steiner was shocked to discover he had osteoarthritis in his shoulder. He had no idea that his excessive use of the joint over many years had effectively destroyed it.

After trying various non-surgical treatments, the only option left on the table was a shoulder prosthesis. After the operation, the policeman did everything possible to mobilise the artificial joint. His dedication paid off: he was able to return to work and now his shoulder doesn’t restrict any aspect of his private life either.

To the risk group belong people, who do heavy physical labour over the shoulder, such as mechanics, craftsmen, or haulers

Prof. Dr Carsten Boos
Orthopädie am Park, Hirslanden Kliniken Am Rosenberg und Stephanshorn