Patient stories

Roberto Bianchera didn’t have any symptoms. Only his weight loss provided any indication that there was possibly something wrong. A visit to the doctor revealed that he had tumours in his oesophagus and tongue. Bianchera underwent extensive treatment that he still remembers vividly to this day.

The diagnosis
The initial examination around four years ago revealed a tumour in his oesophagus. After another tumour was discovered in his tongue during a subsequent examination, Bianchera thought to himself: “They need to stop looking, otherwise they’re going to find more!”

Farewell, pain
Despite his serious diagnosis and many years of treatment, the Italian, who was born in Geneva, never lost his sense of humour. However, he still cannot forget those days when he woke up in pain and was unable to enjoy eating or drinking due to severe pain caused by swallowing. That is why he is continues to be grateful for each and every pain-free morning.

Side by side
Roberto Bianchera drew strength from his family, who were with him through every step of his treatment, his closest friends, who spent a lot of time visiting him in hospital, as well as the open and frank conversations he had with his attending doctors and nurses.

When I wake up and the sun is shining and I’m not in any pain – that, for me, is quality of life.