Patient stories

Erich Steiner was on holiday when he tore a tendon in his shoulder. This type of injury is known as a rotator cuff rupture. He had to have surgery on his shoulder. This was followed by physiotherapy, which enabled him to recover quickly from the operation. Today the 72-year-old once again leads an active lifestyle.

Conservative, non-surgical therapy is the treatment of choice for rotator cuff ruptures (torn shoulder tendons). An operation is only advisable after conservative treatment has proven unsuccessful. Erich Steiner was keen to regain his previous physical capabilities, which is why he decided to opt for surgery. It was clear very soon after the operation that the procedure had been a success. The subsequent physiotherapy ensured that the sporty pensioner would be able to resume his active hobbies.

All too often you hear that nothing can be done for elderly patients who suffer an age-related rupture of the rotator cuff.

Dr Atul Sukthankar
Ortho Clinic Zürich, Hirslanden Klinik Im Park