Hirslanden is committed to providing the best quality of care for patients. We strive to always operate at the cutting edge of knowledge and to generate new knowledge thanks to innovative research.

The Hirslanden Group’s doctors are assisted by our Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) in implementing research projects in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines. Hirslanden CTU offers various services such as study guidance, regulatory assistance, project management, monitoring, study coordination and data management.

Clinical studies are conducted in accordance with international guidelines (ICH-GCP) and Swiss laws (HFG, KlinV, KlinV-Mep and HFV). Under the legal framework, all directors of studies must be able to provide proof of adequate, up-to-date GCP training (certificate). To this end, the CTU offers GCP basic courses.

To conduct such research, doctors need medical data and biological material (samples) from people. By signing the general consent form, patients can agree to the use of their data and samples for research purposes, and thus support doctors in their research. 

Clinical Trial Unit
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